Roc Star P: A young mogul and wave provider

By Shelly Shell Williams

Roc Star P, Uptown, Born and raised, an alum of Urban X-pressions, the longest-running video show in the Delaware Valley.   A Young Mogul is a proper reference for Roc Star P; from age a teen, he was a change maker. He was instrumental in creating the online presence for Club UX, Urban X-pressions’ teen club.  

Roc Star P and I worked side by side through the years on several massive projects.  The Cheltenham Mall was one of his favorite spots to hang out when he was growing up, and at around 19 or so; he came up with the idea to host Urban X-pressions Live from the Cheltenham Mall.  I went in, and after a long process, we got the green light to host live from the Cheltenham Mall.  People came out in droves.  Roc Star P is instrumental in pushing me to social media; he created my first MySpace account.  Who would have thought, from that one push, I would become a Social Media Strategist for multi-million dollar corporations.  I thank God for putting Roc Star P and his dope family in my life.  Urban X-pressions for Life, he gets his flowers now!

The team, Roc Star P, Suzann Christine, and I are working on a major collaboration beginning March 2022. Urban X-pressions is teaming up with to create an Intensive Music Artist Program, educating artists on the Business of Music and Entertainment.  Spots are limited, so if interested, go to to get on the list.

Shelly Shell:  From growing up in Uptown, how and when did you begin with Urban X-pressions? 

Roc Star P: When I was 14, a freshman in High school, my childhood friend Bryan “DJ Young Legend, and I used to watch Urban X-pressions every Saturday, like everybody else in school. 

And they advertised for interns for Club UX, the teen club, and we both called. He got through, and I didn’t. I ended up going with him to his first meeting and letting them know what I could bring to the table. I showed them how I could create a website for Club UX, and of course, Shelly Shell was impressed. The rest is history; I became part of the Club UX team, VIP Young Boyz and Girls, along with Ferno, Jade Alston, Lisa, Ivory, Nana, Britney, Sir, Franky J, and so many more to name. 

Club UX on G & Erie, created by Shelly Shell, and Keith from up da block and hosted by the teens, myself, Jade Alston, and Ferno. Every Friday, teens would be lined up down the street; it was over 900 teens every week in the laser tag room of the Philly Fun Factory. After Club UX, I hosted shows, celebrity interviews, events, showcases, and more. 

Shelly Shell:  Who are some of the artists that you’ve interviewed?  

Roc Star P: My first interview was with MC Lyte, and I recently hosted Heat 100’s anniversary event with a performance by MC Lyte. After MC Lyte, I did many more like Tichina Arnold, Regina King, State Property, The LOX,  Pretty Ricky, Gillie Da King, E Ness, Tone Trump, and more…

Shelly Shell:  What was one of the best or worse memories of being a host on Urban X-pressions? 

Roc Star P:  I met and interviewed many celebrities, but none made me star-struck like when I met Beyonce’. It was Destiny Child’s last tour together, and Shelly Shell and I were selected to go to the private VIP room.  We walked through the door, and before we could look and see who was in the room, all you heard was, “omg, you are so cute,” and it was Beyonce’ talking to me. You couldn’t tell me anything after that day. I called and texted everybody I knew after that. I also believe that RocStar P was officially born because if Beyonce’ noticing you out of everybody doesn’t give you confidence; nothing will!!!

Shelly Shell:  Where you ever asked as a child what you wanted to be when you grew up?   

Roc Star P:  Yeah. In elementary school (Ellwood), we had to say what we wanted to be when we got older so they could announce it with our name at graduation. And when it got to me, they announced, “Wants to be a CEO of his own record company” I got a standing ovation. It wasn’t every day they heard a 10-year-old wanting to be. CEO of anything. 

Shelly Shell:  Tell me about fatherhood. Would you want your son to have the same types of experiences of having a TV show to be a part of? 

Roc Star P:  Of course. I had a ball and learned a lot about this business and myself. I would feel selfish if I deprived my son of something I loved doing growing up if he wanted to do. And fatherhood definitely changed me as a man. It made me think and move differently. Now it’s not just about making decisions that I can live with but is it something I can explain to my son if he asks. Being a dad makes me think twice.  

Shelly Shell:  What is your greatest achievement? What do you still want to achieve?

Roc Star P:   Being able to brand me outside of TV. Some people who have never watched UX know me and support me; they see me from all the work I’ve been doing through the years. From hosting events to taking over Allflamerz, creating experiences, and so much more.  

Shelly Shell:  What words or phrases do you live by? 

Roc Star P:  “To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” ~Thomas Jefferson 

“My ideas are bigger then my bank account” -RocStar P

ShellyShell:    Tell us about some of your milestone achievements?

Roc Star P:  Being the host four years straight of the Philadelphia Hip Hop Awards alongside my partner in crime, Stormy Pea, also from Uptown. I was the first person to have interviews on their DVD, and after that, others followed. I left a lot of blueprints on MIAMI DVD that other people copied after, but it feels good to be able to set trends. I did MIAMI Volumes 1 & 2, and both received DVD of the year nominations. Purchasing one of Philly’s most prominent websites in Philly hip hop, AllFlamerz helped launch Philly artists like Tierra Whack, Shawn Smith, Yazz The Greatest, and more…

Shelly Shell:  Describe Roc Star P and what he offers the world? 

Roc Star P:  MEMORIES. I’m really big on that. I believe I’m popular because of the memories I bring to them. I GIVE PEOPLE SOMETHING TO REMEMBER from TV, hosting clubs, producing shows at schools, and DVDs. I’m human. I know all memories won’t be great, but I’m good with that as long as the good outways the bad by a large margin.  

Shelly Shell:  What are your plans for 2022? 

Roc Star P:  Make sure you log in to starting 2022. I’m bringing it back better than ever. More shows. This last year I hosted shows for MC Lyte, State Property, Rocky, Tsu Surf, and most definitely gonna keep it going. 

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