Helen Gym resigns Council


By James Williams, Publisher

Former City Councilwoman Helen Gym has resigned from City Council. Many are expecting her to announce her candidacy for Mayor. If she runs she will be entering an already crowded field with; Cherrelle Parker, Allen Domb, Jeff Brown, Derek Green, Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, and Rebecca Rhynhart. Many political insiders consider Gym to be the front runner for the Office of Mayor.

City Councilman Derek Green has issued the following statement:

“Former Councilwoman Helen Gym and I give have very different approaches and visions for the City. I wrote and passed the Green plan that cut taxes, provided more funding for vital city services, and increased funding for police. Hellen opposed me on it. Helen pushes a socialist agenda to raise taxes, and opposes more funding for the police. Voters are going to have to decide which approach will make Philadelphians safer and more prosperous.”