State Sen. Milton Street dies at 81

By James Williams, Publisher

Iconic political leader and community activist has died at 81. Sen. Street was a leader who never cared about political affiliation, he only cared about fighting for the people. He served his community as an elected Democrat and Republican, he was the true definition of a independent public servant and not a political party affiliate.

“I was fortunate to work with Milton Street during the 2018 elections. It was an incredible, eye opening experience that shaped my current political view of how government should work for the people” -James Williams, Uptown Standard, Publisher

“The PLBC sends its most heartfelt condolences to the Street family on the passing of Senator Milton Street. He came from humble beginnings and was an entrepreneur who worked hard to have a successful business and advocate for similar businesses, ultimately taking him to the state’s General Assembly. After his time in the state Senate, he built his businesses, working tirelessly and serving as a pillar in the community. He made himself available as a mentor and as a friend to many. He will be missed.” -Penn. Legislative Black Caucus