Uptown’s own Bandit the Rapper goes Platinum

By Andre Brown, Deputy Editor

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What an evening food,vendors,media and an album release from Uptown’s own Bandit The Rapper. Not to mention a host of Philadelphia’s top talent

As the night begin to swing into a natural vibe everything was put to a stop!

It was time to honor the man of the hour Bandit The Rapper As he spoke you could see the pride in his eyes dropping a 80s album in this era that can still move the crowds

But for Philly’s own the night turned from pride to surprise when it was announced that “Faded “Memories” had went Platinum on iTunes

The room erupted in cheers and many had only enough space for even more roses for the artist

“Im taking my kids to Disney World” Bandit shouted as the crowed erupted in cheers

Those close to Bandit say “This album could bridge a gap” the gap not between eras but international connection

After an amazing night Uptown’s very own Bandit the Rapper had this to say with a huge smile: “I feel amazing!” -AB11(PHHNS)(PUMT)