Faith is Greater > Than Fear

My name is Jalisa Lucas, I have been unfairly blessed to become a Self-Published Author of “Rediscovery after Recovery,”

Public Speaker, Certified Life Coach and owner of a Domestic Limited Liability Company called “Purpose Pursuing Pioneer Academy.” We specialize in effectively working through inward self-development in order to optimize external results. 

Today, I want to take you on a journey to ignite your faith and expel the myth that fear is greater than faith. 

Growing up within the inner cities of Philadelphia I was faced with a complexity of disadvantageous circumstances. Despite that, the vital foundation of Jesus Christ given by my Mother coupled with a myriad of experiences within these multicultural communities, soon shed light on the advantageous components my experiences brought to each disadvantageous personal circumstance. 

That said, without my decision to optimize my life by acknowledging that my internal pain had been a direct Segway into the bridge of my future gain, simultaneously realizing my “yes” to my creator would catapult me into kingdom purpose, I would not be before you today. 

I am able to speak with assurance only by having gained the knowledge of my true kingdom identity in Jesus Christ.  

There are Kingdom Cultural Customs that precede Kingdom Cultural benefits in every area of our lives. I am a beneficiary of that truth. 

If we’re honest with ourselves we all want to be successful, the key is in learning how. 

If we want unusual results we have to take an unusually narrow route. Unparalleled and illogical moves of faith alone grants access to unparalleled and illogical blessings for display. I am a living testimony of that truth. The myth is now debunked and I am your proof, my faith was greater than all the categorical and scientific statistics of my perceived or predicted failures. The science and probability of my future, even my own plans was completely outweighed by my faith and the plans of my Creator. 

In likeliness, take a look at this point of reference, King David a teenager anointed to be King in 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 45 of the Old Testament, was humiliated and mocked due to his height, weight, stature and age. David was discounted and debased for having faith in defeating a giant trained to war no man was willing to confront, a man that surpassed everything David and others lacked, (so it appeared). 

Nonetheless, David was determined while facing the giant with his faith he stated boldly, “…you come to me with a sword, spear, and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the Lord of heavens armies of Israel who you defied…” What was the result? David effortlessly won the battle with a rock and sling, through supernatural assistance that was activated by David’s FAITH and his God. David became the most feared and King. 

In essence, keep your faith activated and remember your existence and experiences validates you and the space you occupy here on earth. Your faith is dynamite to your premature solidification of your value through the choice of your creator taking his time to create you. The truth of who you are, known or unknown is grounded in your identity in Christ and his illogical and unparalleled Kingdom Cultural Customs of; blessing, signs, miracles, and wonders you now have proof of this truth in learning of my story. 

How did I do it? 

My “yes” coupled with my Faith was always greater than fear. 

Pioneer, YOUR Faith will always be greater than Fear. 

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Talk soon, 

Jalisa Lucas

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