The Metaverse– Revisited

By R.S. Broker
I knew this would happen. I had gotten so many questions, even more about this Metaverse. It’s got to a point where family and friends are contacting me early Sunday mornings after church. I’m cool with that, because that’s why I’m here. From the Gram, to TikTok and even at a kids birth. We know Facebook has changed their name to Meta. And if you know a little something about cryptos, you know that the Winklevoss brothers (Tyler and Cameroon) recently raised $400 million to build a metaverse.
So we shall revisit once again. What is the Metaverse? The metaverse is like set of universes. It is a virtual world that individuals can come together to socialize, on a virtual reality. Basically, it’s the link between the digital and the physical forms. As The goal is to wedge the real world with the digital world. This is the 2nd innovation of the internet; some say it’s the successor. The term “metaverse” was first mentioned and created in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash- termed a cyberpunk book. This was an imaginary place that could be experienced by anyone over the fiber optics network.

You can buy digital assets like digital land or build a digital horse (for example horse racing) or a beautiful park- like a Central Park in New York and combine it with Fairmount Park in Philly and make it a virtual reality. Or you can be Pacman himself, running through a mase and chased by ghost (note- Atari does have its own token). So instead of just viewing information on a website or an application, you would be IN the digital content. This sounds so ridiculous and extreme right? But if you know like I know, from DeRace to Meta Hero to the Micro Pets, its already here. And you thought Fortnite was awesome. Please understand that there was a digital lot of land in the metaverse world of Decentraland sold for a record of $2.43 Million USD. Yes, we are talking about virtual real estate, an imaginary world. And then there’s DeRace, a Non-Fungible horse racing metaverse where you can have horse races, breed these horses, build your own course for theater/performance venues- and make money while doing it. In other words, DeRace is a virtual NFT horse racing universe based on blockchain. One horse sold for $125,000, btw.

But not everyone thinks the metaverse is great for mankind. Some folks believe it’s going to cause a strain on mental health, such as depression or confidence and that some would rather spend much more time in virtual forms than actual reality.

This is uncharted territory we are entering and be ready for it. I was able to understand the world of cryptocurrency and its applications very easily. But then came NFT Art and Music, which seems more complicated. And now this, the metaverse, just blew my mind. Please my people, this is the future, get ready for you a new reality.

If you want to invest, please talk to your local bank or a financial advisor. Whether your 20 or 60, a new transfer of wealth is upon the horizon. This isn’t just the USA going through a change. The universe is… It won’t be easy, but you never know until to try. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on IG or YouTube at @TheGetMoneyShow. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and always remember money a’int just green. We are not financial advisors or giving out financial recommendations.

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