My Story- High School Students Fellowship

We are excited to launch “MyStory” in the Fall of 2022. “My Story” is a media/journalism fellowship for African-American high school seniors from Philadelphia who aspire to become journalists and media professionals. Our goal is to develop future journalists and/or media professionals from our community to ensure we sustain a healthy media ecosystem, thereby assuring that our community will never become a news desert. It is our goal to make sure that our community will never have limited access to credible and comprehensive news and information that feeds our democracy. Only five Fellows will be selected annually.

Please see the qualifications and program goals below.


  • Must be a high school senior. 
  • Fellows apply in their Junior year. 
  • Application period ends July 1st. 

Programming Goals:

  • Our curriculum provides workshops on; 
    • Drama, Film, & Acting
    • Public Relations & Communications
    • Journalism
    • Broadcasting/Podcasting
    • Digital Advertising & Marketing
    • Media Sales 
  • Based on the curriculum of our My Story our Fellows will collectively publish a bi-montly Philadelphia high school magazine (PHL HS Standard Magazine) and a monthly podcast (PHL HS Standard Podcast). 
  • Each Fellow will receive SAT Prep via Kaplan On Demand
  • Annual Juneteenth BBQ Fundraiser 
  • Paid Internships or Job Placement