Astro-Funk’s Philly Wonder Woman is Saving the Youth & Taking over TikTok

La’Cinda Trotter, the phenom known by several names, is Unsung in Philadelphia. I’m grateful to be able to tell her story. Her career has been a fascinating journey taking her from house parities to acting in movies. However, one of the most extraordinary parts is that she has dedicated her career to helping the most vulnerable youth in Philadelphia. She has invested her time physically, emotionally, and spiritually. La’Cinda’s approach to youth development is mutual respect and listening to their ideas while addressing their needs; she finds ways to turn the trauma into positive outcomes.

La’Cinda Trotter has over 14,000 followers on Tiktok, a new clothing line and Producer of the reality show Surviving Philly TV. She is a beast when it comes to promoting and will stop at nothing to get the message to the masses, and she is Uptown born and raised.

Shelly Shell: What is your fondest memory growing up in Uptown?

Philly Wonder woman: Wow, my fondest memory was being a part of Astro-Funk & Rocksteady emcees. We enjoyed ourselves so much being in DJ Grand V’s garage, Mixing and Scratching, doing house parties and block parties.

Shelly Shell: Who are some of your top mentors or influences from Uptown?
Philly Wonder woman: DJ Grand V (Rip) Parry P, DJ Cosmic Kev, Grand Tone!

Shelly Shell: What did you aspire to be as a youth? Are you doing what you thought you wanted or thought you would do?

Philly Wonder woman: I wanted to be a Basketball player and an Actor. Well, I am an Actress. I have been in several films, even one with Vivica Fox Produced by Terrance Tykeem (Jason’s Letter) but no ballplayer, lol.

Shelly Shell: You are getting your P Diddy on by having a few different names; The Bible Princess, Philly Wonder Woman, Aunt Cindy; why so many names?

Philly Wonder Woman: So many names came from the people, The Bible Princess is because I try to guide people to the Lord, Philly Wonder Woman well that’s because I played the character Wonder Woman in a film Produced by Anthony Reed. Jr. When kids saw me, they would say there go that Lady Wonder Woman but then a closer friend said; I’m going to stay calling you Philly Wonder Woman because you are always trying to save the youth. Aunt Cindy came from my young son Nico; he said, mom, on your radio show, you’re like an auntie type of person, so there you go.

Shelly Shell: You are always working; what are some of your current projects?
Philly Wonder Woman: I am currently an Actress in a Jermaine Quick Film, due to be released soon. However, a friend of mine, Novi J and I are working on a Philly Reality TV show called Surviving Philly; Music is My Life (For Philly artists ages 18-100)

Shelly Shell: You tried your hand at acting; what are some of the roles you’ve played?
Philly Wonder Woman: I played a crack head twice, and I was hoping I wouldn’t get typecast because I did so well, Lol. I play an activist, a Teacher Twice, Wonder Woman, News Reporter, a Building manager, and more.

Shelly Shell: Who are some of the greats you admire when it comes to success?
Philly Wonder Woman: The first person I admire is my mother, Rev. Juanita C. Robinson. She’s such an amazing person. When I’m wrong, she tells me without hesitation. In the professional world, it’s Antoine Johnson, Natasha Harris, Angela Bassett, Julia Roberts, Taraji P. Henson, Deja Lynn Alvarez, Michelle Martin, Ming Leone, Serita Lewis, and Corine Landauer!

Shelly Shell: You’ve seen significant growth and expansion with TikTok; how were you able to grow your audience and begin to get paid?

Philly Wonder Woman: I have to tell the truth; I took TikTok classes which were so informative; after that, my following continued to grow, and now I am constantly sent products for me to promote for people and get paid while doing it.

Shelly Shell: What are five things you would like to happen in 2022?

Philly Wonder Woman:
1. At least an additional 10k in my monthly paycheck!
2. The reality show “Surviving Philly TV” to become a significant part of history.
3. Become a Fashion Week Model.
4. Become an official woman sponsored by Puma

5. Be granted a bus to take the At-Risk youth that I work without of Philly on trips so they can see other things more exciting than Gun violence.

6. I have to add this one: Meet Missy Elliott and Taraji P. Henson!

Shelly Shell: Out of all the projects you’ve worked on, which is the most fulfilling?

Philly Wonder Woman: The most fulfilling project that I worked on was writing my own film about Bullying and Suicide. Called Death saved my Life Seen through a child’s eyes, and you can see it on YouTube.

Shelly Shell: What do you want most out of your career?
Philly Wonder Woman: More support!!

Shelly Shell: What do you believe is the most essential wealth or money?
Philly Wonder Woman: Wealth brings financial security!

Let’s support Philly Wonder Woman and making all her desires a reality. Follow her social media @PhillyWonderWoman.