Business Op Ed: What it do for 2022

By R. S. Broker

We are in the new year, setting goals and dreams we will love to accomplish. However, it seems that it takes about 3 months to fall off track and not follow up on the goals that we set. Lets keep the goals that we set for ourselves in the year 2022, and make this our best year ever. Here are some things I would like to start to do or continue to do for the new year Twenty Twenty Two. Take some time to read through, and maybe some of these ideas may work for you.

Stay Prayed up – talk to God, and be the best you can be. Praying works, ask Grandma.

Volunteer and/or Donate – Trust me, it works. Karma is real. Good energy equals good results. Also, not that I look for anything in return, but God always seem to bless me different ways when I donate or volunteer for a good cause.

Get a Message/Chalk board –  A goal isn’t a goal unless you write it down, and its looked at every day. Out of mind equals out of site, and that doesn’t only apply to marketing/social media.

Know and Increase Credit score – Knowing your credit score lets you know what you can do/ cant do when your asking to borrow money. The higher the credit score, the less creditors charge to borrow from them. 

Pay off / Pay down credit cards – The ability to pay your debts shows that you are responsible and is trusted by the lender that you will pay them back.

Open a Roth IRA ( or a Traditional IRA) – If you have a 9-5, start an IRA. But if you already contribute to one, get a Roth IRA. There’s a difference, and they are moves you can make with Roth IRAs that you can’t do with traditional IRAs. 

Get cryptos and learn the functions of them – Cryptocurrency is way more than just money. There are applications and functions of this new asset class. From NFTs to Staking to Cold Wallets, it’s the future.

Buy a property/ get in position to buy some land – can’t ever lose with land. It’s the easiest way to gain wealth in my opinion.

Have a conversation with a Financial Advisor/Planner – Financial Advisor helps with a range of financial services. Financial  Planner helps with a create budget, long/short term strategies, etc.

Find a mentor in your field -. Mentor  gives advice and guidance that helps you figure out what you want, and most importantly how to achieve it.

In summary, you have to take the time to plan out your goals and really follow through with them. It sounds very simple to do, but in reality its so difficult to accomplish because “life” always throws us a curveball. Pray, believe in yourself, and work hard. You got this. If you want to invest, please talk to your local bank or a financial advisor. Whether your 20 or 60, a new transfer of wealth is upon the horizon. This isn’t just the USA going through a change. The whole world is… It won’t be easy, but you never know until to try. Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on IG or YouTube at @TheGetMoneyShow. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams, and always remember money a’int just green.  We are not financial advisors or giving out financial recommendations. Link to invest in cryptocurrency