State Rep. Darisha Parker is a Political Powerhouse in the Making

Rep. Parker now proudly serves the 198th Legislative district. The 198th borders more district than almost any district in the city.  The constituents of the 198th should know that they have voted well.  Parker surely will hold a strong voice in the House.

Uptown Standard’s James Williams had the privilege to interview Ms. Parker after the victory. Parker is taking her win in stride. A very humble stride.  Thanking Williams for the accolades, she quickly turned the focus towards the betterment of the community. 

 “I will always be a community leader and connector for many individuals,” commented Parker. “It’s our job and our duty to make sure we provide resources but not to glorify or glamour anybody’s situation.” 

Parker is well known and well-liked in the community and is by no means a rookie in the political field.  She may be new to the seat but no stranger to Harrisburg and PA Capitol politics. 

The State Rep-elect has spent the past couple of years serving under former State Representative Rosita Youngblood, who was a leader in the House as well as a member of the well-known Northwest Coalition.

Parker has earned her stripes in the political arena. But things tend to look a tad different when you go from behind the scenes to center stage.

“I actually was nervous. I did not want this to be a braggadocious campaign. I think my faith and the fact that I have remained focused, and I’ve remained positive. I just kept a lot of things tunnel vision as it relates to running. This is my first time being a candidate, but I’m not a novice when it comes to the political process.”

With her new platform, she had a chance to work with many different legislators right here at home, such as State Senator Art Haywood, State Senator Vincent Hughes, and State Rep Stephen Kinsey. 

She sees this as an opportunity to really make things happen for the better of the people, taking care of the issues at home is where she can make her biggest impact. 

“What is really going to set me apart, is that I am one of a few legislators that are coming into the legislative branch, that doesn’t have to introduce themselves. Parker went on to say, “Because I was Staffer. I was home, serving in the district office. Then I became Representatives Youngblood Chief of Staff.”

There is quite a bit of talk as to which committees Parker may choose.  Her approach is to feel things out, take her time to ensure it is the right fit for all involved.

“I know where I have my head. I know where I have my focus. I’m looking at committees, not only that I’m able to raise outside dollars for me by being on that committee, but also being able to make sure those resources do come back to the residents and owners in the 198 District.”

Rep.-elect Parker, she is her own woman. Confident in her abilities and secure in her knowledge, Parker most definitely will put in the effort to move mountains in the State Capitol as many of her constituents would like her to do.

With the Republicans gaining even more control of the chamber in the 2020 Election 90-113 (CLARIFY WHICH PARTY IS WHICH), She understands the difficulty that she is going to face in passing legislation due to the Republican majority and the tension that exists between the two parties. Especially after this recent election.  Ever the diplomat, she knows what deals she can get done and what avenues to veer down to see results.

” There is a lot that is required out of me, but one of the things is that the other party (Republicans) that I’m going to be working with to make sure my bills are passed. And making sure that those resources are duly brought back to the residence of 63,000 individuals that live in the 198 districts.”   Parker stated.

And there is a lot of changes with the consideration of the redistricting process coming up.  With considering broadening the areas in the district they are also faced with some aspects of gentrification as well.   

“The district may change, or it may stay the same due to redistricting, but I just want to focus on the members that I just want to focus on. Whether you reside in a home or an apartment, you are a resident and that is how you’re going to be treated. And you should, you should, you should receive resources that are supposed to be available in the city and the state and the federal government.

Just so there is no doubt, Darisha Parker was born to serve. Steadfast and focused on the growth and well-being of her community. 

This is, unequivocally, someone who is looking to make an impact.  As President Obama once said someone, “who’s fired up and ready to go”.

By James Williams